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Chaosium and DriveThruRPG have teamed up to offer authors the opportunity to publish their Call of Cthulhu material via the Miskatonic Repository.

The Knife

Sure, we’ve had some killings here. Every US city and town has them these days. They’re also getting weirder. This latest guy, the one the media calls “the Knife”, has been cutting people’s hearts out and draining their blood. I’m looking forward to retiring, you bet.

This Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition adventure pits the intrepid investigators against a serial killer. Is the killer a mundane murderer or something more?

Pay what you like; you can like to get it for free. Revenue from this adventure will be used to purchase stock art for future adventures. 

Available on DriveThruRPG.

The Drooler in the Dark

I stood at the door, my face pale. A cold sweat dampened my brow. I turned to look at my companion to see how he was faring.

“Prepare yourself, Joe. We are about to face something so horrible and evil that I am surprised that the very earth does not reject its presence.”

“What is this horror?” said Joe.

“The Drooler in the Dark, the Dog That Should Not Be…” I said, my voice trailing off to a whisper.

“A Hound of Tindalos!” Joe cried as a look of terror crossed his face.

“No, far worse.” I said as the door swung open, revealing It.

“Oh, look at the cute doggy!” said Joe, stepping forward to meet the Beast.

“No, Joe!” I cried, but it was already too late…

This Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition adventure pits an investigator against the humorous horror of the Drooler in the Dark.

Pay what you like; you can like to get it for free.

Available on DriveThruRPG.

Return to the Monolith

This adventure is a modern follow up to “People of the Monolith” which appeared as a bonus scenario in Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. In this adventure, the investigators are part of a team creating a documentary on ancient occult sites, bankrolled by Steiger, Incorporated. As part of this project, they will be traveling to Hungary to visit a monolith with a dark and troubling past. They will find the monolith and far more than they bargained for. Which is par for course in the world of the Mythos.

Pay what you like; you can like to get it for free.

Available on DriveThruRPG.



There comes a time in every Call of Cthulhu campaign when the investigators need a break from the madness of the Mythos. That time is now: the intrepid investigators journey to the Contented Cow in the imaginary town of Deerfarm (in the imaginary state of New Hampshire) seeking rest and relaxation.

Fortunately, it is also a time for mysterious murders and scarecrow legends. Otherwise it would not be much of an adventure, would it?

Pay what you like; you can like to get it for free.

Available on DriveThruRPG.




Resembling a plot line from one of his classic horror movies, the body of director Roger Colwin has been stolen from a church in New England. The local police suspect opioid addicts, his daughter suspects misguided fans and the community is baffled. It is up to the investigators to go down to New England town and sort things out.

This complete rewrite and update of the 1992 original adventure is pay what you want. You can want to pay nothing.

Available on DriveThruRPG.


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